Our teachers have got many years of experience both in practice, teaching en research. They combine research with practical methods and are associated with both the China Arts College and the Institut Supérieur Aplomb (Paris). If you wish to receive specific detailed and translated information : please contact us.

Peter Van Lierde

Founder and teacher Center OLM and Taoist Health Center

Pioneer and expert in the field of body and music

Scientist in the field of culture, language and literature

Health counsellor Chinese Medicine

Responsible representative for Aplomb in Belgium

Yoga-, qigong- and taiji-teacher

Professor at Volkshogeschool Vormingplus

Representative of taoist alchemy in East Flanders

Classical singer (opera, lied) and artistic advisor

Inspector health insurance

Author of various scientific studies

Kitchen gardener

Helena De Beul

Co-founder Center OLM

Internationally reputed guitarist and classical singer

Winner of various international competititions

Teacher Center OLM (Back and Health,, Taoist Health
Training, singing)

Responsible co-representative for Aplomb in Belgium

Professor guitar at the academy for music De Kunstbrug


Artistic coordinator at De Kunstbrug

Author of the succesful guitarmethod "Gitaardebuut : een frisse kijk op gitaar" (Golden River Music)

Founder and driving force of the Astor-guitar-ensemble

Full-time mother of two children

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."