VZW Center OLM offers methods to work with your health in a sustainable way.

In our holistic approach on health, we are inspired above all by Chinese, taoist medicine, by insights and methods coming from almost forgotten traditions and by modern research. you can read more about our vision HERE.

What is sustainable healthcare?

(in Dutch)

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Center OLM respects the values found in the Flemish word ZERO: zachtheid (softness), echtheid (authenticity), respect (respect) and oprechtheid (sincerity).

What, why and for whom? (in dutch)

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  • Prevention : authentic Chinese rest- and health trainings

  • Back recovery and re-education : 'aplomb'

  • Authentic meditative practices

"Instead of leaving the body behind in our search for spirituality we have to give it wings."

Dona Holleman

finding inner rest and balance

enhancing your immunity


harmony and inner space

OLM's mission :

safeguarding authentic medical knowledge and methods -

offering landmarks for a sustainable healthy future.

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